We Will. For Discovery and Creativity.
We continue to explore new knowledge, invent new forms of creative expression, and find new solutions to some of the most pressing issues we face as a society.

We Will. Integrate Student Experience.
We believe access to a world-class education should not depend on one’s financial resources — and that a diversity of backgrounds and life experiences benefits every student. We seek to attract the very best students — undergraduate and graduate — by offering competitive financial aid.

We Will. Connect Campus and Community
Northwestern is committed to providing an optimal environment for every member of our community to learn from and collaborate with others. Our goal is to build a vibrant, more diverse, and tight-knit community on our campuses and to nourish the traditions and shared passions that bind us together.   

We Will. Engage Locally and Globally

In today’s world, our mission to create knowledge and cultivate leaders must be global in scope. We have expanded our international impact through exchanges and partnerships around the world and continue to prepare students for global leadership by broadening their perspectives at home and abroad. Northwestern will continue this strategy on a larger scale and with deeper commitments.   

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